Every day I walk at least five miles. It is the most joy-filled time of my day. Wherever I am, I look deeply at the world around me as I connect with other people, with nature, with my dog Allie and with other dogs and their people, and with whatever is in my heart. I am always interested in whatever might surface during this time, and so a few weeks ago I decided to record what did in a daily one-minute (or less) video, which I post on Instagram. These are unedited rambling (literally and verbally) bouncy hard to hear and imperfect. Which is such a good thing for my daily practice of joy -- being okay with imperfection and sharing that. This feed will continue to post my most recent twenty videos. (You can find all my daily photos and videos on my Instagram feed by clicking INSTA.) I hope you enjoy these rough and more personal glimpses into my thoughts on joy as I wonder while I wander!

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