Songs of Joy

Music is most definitely part of my Daily Practice of Joy! Here are some of my favorite joy-filled songs. Please write yours in the comments below, so we can share and spread the joy! 

I love the Winans, but I particularly love the message of this song: Count it ALL Joy!

This is such a sweet song by Lennon & Maisie, but honestly anything sung in their beautiful harmonies brings me joy!

Joy, elation, bliss, ananda, Freude, joie. It's all joy, and it's all very very good!

From time to time I make little movies on my iPhone while driving on my beloved back roads. I made this one to one of my favorite Patty Griffin songs on a deliciously empty back road in the mountains of Wales last November, with the phone precariously balanced between the dashboard and the window, while driving stickshift with the "wrong" hand on the "wrong" side of a very curvy road. All of the above = JOY!

Why do we still LOVE Bethoven? Well, for one, is it possible to ever hear Ode to Joy without your heart cracking open? One of my most joy-filed memories will always be getting to see my beloved friend Lynn fulfill her lifelong dream of conducting Beethoven's Ninth with a full symphony and choir before she died. I felt proud, stunned, honored, and grateful -- and immense joy! This is a version that I hope has something for everyone. . .

This popped up first thing this morning on my feed. This song brought me joy down deep in my soul!

Sometimes joy is bittersweet and beautiful. This song is all that, and more. . .