Find Your Flavor

Yesterday morning in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, I got an unexpected bit of inspiration from the shampoo and conditioner set in my Holiday Inn. So I thought I would share it with you!

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The Joy of Silliness

In these heavy, troubling, divisive times, joy is more necessary than ever. But I've been discovering a new practice of joy: Silliness. 

Here is my latest podcast. You'll have to listen to see why this picture will hopefully remind you to be more silly in your life!

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My Old Man and the Sea

I took a mini writing retreat at the beach, spending two days thinking and writing about my old man and the sea. My dad -- and his lifelong love of the ocean. As well as his last wishes -- to have his ashes scattered at sea. This week's podcast is recorded on an early morning beach walk with the sound of the pounding waves behind me. 

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I recorded this on Thursday morning, with the expectation that I would be leaving for Iceland and Scandinavia to visit four of the ten happiest countries in the world. Within a half hour of this recording, everything changed. Proving that life is neither about road maps and plans or living in the rearview mirror. It is all about Presence. I spoke here what I am just now learning. And will always be learning!

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This week's podcast accompanies this week's blog by the same name: Unfinished.

Inspired by the Unknown and Unfinished in us all!

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Good Enough: The Next Step Forward

My time in the Hudson Valley is coming to an end. I feel both ready to go and so sad to leave. This podcast is about learning to hold those contradictions by taking the next step forward into Good Enough. . .

In JOY! Victoria

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Podcast Trial Run #1: Dappled Light

As promised, here is my first podcast. Over the next few weeks, I'll be doing quite a few trial runs, getting a sense of how all this works. There are many perks to being well on the other side of 20-something. (Frankly, my twenties were just about my worst decade. So many perks is actually a massive understatement.) But one of the few downsides is that learning all this technology -- not just how to do it, but what it all even means -- does not come as fluidly as it would if I were under 30. So please bear with me as I figure it all out. Eventually, I'm guessing, this podcast will appear on iTunes, but for now, it is being hosted on my Soundcloud site. 

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Daily Practice of Joy Podcast

I'm about to launch a new Daily Practice of Joy podcast, and I'm pretty excited about it! If you want to be the first to get the podcast, keep reading this blog post to find out how!

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